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Fire Risk Assessments


We specialize in carrying out fire risk assessments for businesses of all sizes, covering client specific requirements.

With our expertise in the fire protection industry you can be confident that the service we provide to all of our clients is of the highest quality at very competitive prices.


Fire Risk Assessments


Our purpose is to ensure your business is safe and that you comply with the legal requirements of Fire Safety. All businesses must have a ‘Responsible Person’ who has a duty of care to ensure that the premises is safe for staff, clients/customers, visitors, people with special needs and children.


The assessment is carried out at your premises at a time convenient to you ensuring that there are appropriate systems in place for the safety of your staff, clients, contractors and visitors in order to meet your legal obligations.


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?


Our qualified assessor will visit your premises and evaluate your premises in terms of fire safety hazards to people and property.


An easy to understand clear and concise report will then be produced including:

  • An assessment on clearly defined areas within the building

  • The Findings of the assessment

  • Fire Safety Risk Level Estimator

  • Action Plan for Compliance with the legislation

What is Assessed in a Fire Risk Assessment?

  • Fire Safety Procedures

  • Sources of Ignition

  • Combustible Materials

  • Persons at Risk

  • Fire Detection and Warning Systems

  • Fire Drills and Evacuation Procedures

  • Means of Escape

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Testing and Maintenance Procedures


  •  If you do not have a Fire Risk Assessment your business may not be insured if a fire does take place. 


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